Rebecca Amato, Principal Architect
Melina Meissner, Designer
Royce Mitten, Associate Designer
Andrya Huntsman, Designer
Claire Mischeaux, Draftperson
Paola Quintanar, Draftsperson
Lukas Steltzer, Draftsperson
Paco, Morale Manager

Paola Quintanar, Junior Designer

Favorite Style Home: Mid-century modern homes are the ones that speak to my heart. I swoon for functional homes open to the natural world. I also love the beautiful brick patterns found in contemporary Spanish architecture and the playful juxtaposition of light and shadows they create.

What I like most about working for Amato Architecture: What I love most is the people that work at Amato Architecture. They all look for perfection in their craft, have beautiful positive attitudes and won’t think twice when it comes to helping others. 

If I were an architectural feature, I would be: I’ve always loved the beauty that an arch brings to a space or structure. An arch is supportive, simple, elegant and creates openings for light or passage. The versatile arch can create great open spaces and beautiful patterns when combined to form vaults. For me, the arch represents all that I love of architecture: functionality, simplicity, elegance, and a connection to natural light and landscape.