Rebecca Amato, Principal Architect
Melina Meissner, Designer
Royce Mitten, Associate Designer
Andrya Huntsman, Designer
Claire Mischeaux, Draftperson
Paola Quintanar, Draftsperson
Lukas Steltzer, Draftsperson
Paco, Morale Manager

Rebecca Amato, Owner, Principal Architect

Rebecca Amato, Principal ArchitectFavorite Style of Home: Early on, I fell in love with the mid-century modern architectural style, especially the home designs used in real estate developer (Joseph) Eichler’s developments found throughout the Bay Area. Perhaps it’s the influence of watching the Brady Bunch while growing up in the 70’s, but the honesty found in modern homes with exposed structures, the pure geometry of the clean forms, and the floor-to-ceiling windows that connect the home to the outdoors exemplify my personality perfectly.

What I like most about working at Amato Architecture: Every single day is a different experience and something exciting is always happening–whether it’s finding a creative solution to code requirements, or configuring a floor plan to be the most efficient it can be, or engaging with our wonderful clients and helping them achieve their dreams.

If I were an architectural feature, I would be: A skylight that connects an interior space with natural sunlight or a gorgeous view to the blue sky or a lush green tree above. I want to be that feature which inspires the viewer to gaze up at the sky and dream.