Rebecca Amato, Principal Architect
Melina Meissner, Designer
Royce Mitten, Associate Designer
Andrya Huntsman, Designer
Claire Mischeaux, Draftperson
Paola Quintanar, Draftsperson
Lukas Steltzer, Draftsperson
Paco, Morale Manager

Royce Mitten, Project Manager

Favorite Style of Home: Craftsman is a beautiful architectural style for a home; full of artisan wood details that speak on a personal level. Compared to preceding decorative styles, I appreciate its understated quality and the way it exhibits utilitarian and egalitarian values.

I’m also an admirer of Brutalism, the underappreciated post-war architectural style exemplified by overbearing government buildings around the world. The modular massing and sculptural quality speaks to the beauty and unpretentiousness of concrete. I am drawn to the style’s honesty and strength: what you see is what you get.

What I like most about working at Amato Architecture: I enjoy the collaborative environment, my inspirational colleagues, the diverse projects we work on, and the ambitious clients we work for.

If I were an architectural feature, I would be: A flying buttress because I like to think I am strong yet nimble, at least when it comes to my work. I am part of the support structure that lets the beauty of our work shine. I have been shaped by outside forces in life just as the flying buttress arose to withstand unseen lateral forces to let cathedral vaulted ceilings and window studded walls amaze.