Rebecca Amato, Principal Architect
Melina Meissner, Designer
Royce Mitten, Associate Designer
Andrya Huntsman, Designer
Claire Mischeaux, Draftperson
Paola Quintanar, Draftsperson
Lukas Steltzer, Draftsperson
Paco, Morale Manager

Amato Architecture is a design and planning firm that brings experience, imagination, and functionality to every design project.

Amato Architecture creates innovative solutions for functional, elegant, and imaginative spaces. We believe a beautiful environment can delight and inspire those who enter it.

For over 20 years, Rebecca Amato has applied her extensive design and planning experience and creative thinking and problem-solving skills to a wide variety of projects; from simple home remodels to new restaurant designs, from small office interiors to entire commercial building upgrades.

“We wanted someone with design sense and practicality to modernize our home for family living. With Rebecca it was obvious that she understood what we wanted.”
– Jeremy Diessener, Orinda

Rebecca’s work history encompasses hospitality and hotel design, commercial interior design, and residential and retail projects throughout the Bay Area, as well as in Los Angeles, Colorado, Hawaii, Thailand, Hong Kong and China.

Before founding Amato Architecture in 2001, Rebecca has held positions as lead architect and project manager for large international architectural firms, design-build offices, and small boutique design and planning firms, giving her extensive experience with construction document preparation, materials selection, lighting specification, plumbing fixture and equipment selection, engineering and technology coordination, contractor relations, budget review and job site management.