Rebecca Amato, Principal Architect
Melina Meissner, Designer
Royce Mitten, Associate Designer
Andrya Huntsman, Designer
Claire Mischeaux, Draftperson
Lukas Steltzer, Draftsperson
Paco, Morale Manager

Melina Meissner, Senior Designer

Melina Meissner, Designer

The daughter of an architect, Melina exhibited an interest in buildings and construction from an early age.  She grew up exploring great edifices around the world and indulged in her passion for music performance before turning her attention to the world of architecture, or “frozen music” as von Goethe described it.

Beginning her studies in California and ending in New York, she was fortunate to work under the mentorship of a series of incredible female architects at small boutique firms on both coasts.

Her projects range from a series of music schools to puzzle room event spaces to custom high-end new residences, and she particularly enjoys creating 3-D models to help her clients visualize the spaces during the design process.  Her time is split between her residence in the East Bay and staying with family around Northern California.