Architectural Design Approach

Through high quality, imaginative architectural design, Amato’s architectural design approach creates innovative solutions for functional, elegant, and effective spaces. We believe a beautiful environment can delight and inspire those who enter it.

We work closely with clients to understand their needs and vision. Whether an upgrade or a redesign of a space, our goal is to bring that vision to life with thoughtful, detailed planning and implementation.

“What Rebecca designed was far beyond what we had imagined. It was a very positive experience and we’re very thankful she is our architect.”
– Sara Herring, Rockridge resident.

Key architectural services include:

  • High quality designs that integrate functionality, code requirements, and environmental impact.
  • Production of multiple plan options to determine layout, features of the space, and how people will move through it.
  • On site presence during construction to ensure that design intent is consistent.

Our project development is typically carried out in four phases:

Pre-Design Phase: An Amato Architecture team measures the property and documents all existing conditions (such as existing walls, windows, doors, ceiling heights, etc.) which are necessary for design development. Codes, parameters for setbacks, and height restrictions are researched with the local zoning and building departments.
Design Development Phase: Multiple studies in plan format are produced to analyze the layout of various features and to determine flow throughout the spaces. With an existing home or restaurant project, we start with a fairly conservative approach to minimize the amount of remodeling. Later plan drafts expand into more dramatic and expansive ideas. This phase can involve multiple meetings. Once the plans have been determined, we create a price estimate of the basic scope of work and send it out to various contractors. After estimated construction costs are confirmed by the client, we move into the next phase of detailed documentation.
Project Management Phase: After the design has been approved and budget confirmed, detailed floor and electrical plans are generated; appliances and plumbing fixtures specified; and finishes selected. If required, a structural engineer will be brought in (engaged directly by the client). Zoning applications and building permits are submitted and managed. A full set of completed plans is submitted to the contractor for final pricing and to generate specific quotes from all necessary trades.
Construction Phase: Amato Architecture believes it is critical to be involved in the construction process to ensure the design intent is carried out. Many decisions must be made and minor adjustments to the plans are often necessary. We assist the owner in making critical decisions, which minimizes the stress of coordinating construction.

And…completion! The marvel of good design is that it’s something you will enjoy every day and all your life. The right environment is a joyful one. Let us create that joy for you.